Metal Shooter: Run and Gun


Non-stop 2D action



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Metal Shooter: Run and Gun is a two-dimensional action game and platformer, where players control a friendly little redhead soldier willing to wipe out all his enemies. The game system is very, very similar to that of the late and great Metal Slug.

Players have to move through heaps of levels plagued with enemies, while they shoot endlessly and dodge traps. Most of the enemies are easy enough to finish off, but before you know it you'll be confronting even stronger enemies, including some fairly spectacular bosses.

Unlike in other similar games, in Metal Shooter: Run and Gun you can resist several hits before your character dies. In addition, at all levels of the game you find specific checkpoints, so you never need to repeat large sections of the game.

Metal Shooter: Run and Gun is a very entertaining two-dimensional action game, inspired directly by classics like Metal Slug. At the visual level, in addition, the game is a real marvel, with undeniably colorful and fun character design.

Android 4.0.3 or higher required

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